A Little Bit of Everything…

Wow! It has been a while. Been busy with life mostly. I’m not quarantined yet (2020 Corona Virus) so haven’t had the time to post much. Speaking of this virus… it has been around for a long time just never really caused a lot of problems until now. Hospitals, towns and businesses have run low on equipment, business and some are shut down now. And!! All of the toilet paper has been purchased from people who are panicking or bored. Blows my mind. It’s very interesting to see how all this is playing out. Actually serious or more political?! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Have you been quarantined? Did you load up on unnecessary items for this virus? 🦠

So, other than that I have some appointments coming up for baby girl! I’m almost 32 weeks pregnant now! 😱 She is arriving soon. It does make me a little nervous because everything going on but I know we will be alright. Hospitals are allowing only 1 person with you during delivery. No visitors afterwards or anything of that sort. Not only is out daughter going to be born during leap year she is also being born during a pandemic year. I think this is just going to be a wild year! Physically my body is becoming more tired. Hurting a lot. Especially doing certain things like sitting on the ground, getting up, walking around a lot and other things. I’m definitely ready to not be hurting in places I have never hurt before lol. I plan on starting maternity leave on the 16th of May. Taking 8 weeks of time off so that I can spend time recovering from c-section, getting a routine down with a toddler and new born plus just spending time with my complete family. ❤️

Things with my husband and I have been a little rocky again. Here and there. The last couple of days have been better though. Depression and anxiety is nothing to shrug off your shoulders. It really does affect the way you think, feel, live life on a daily basis and just every thing about it sucks!! I know a lot of our ups and downs are due to this mental illness and finding nothing that works.. praying and crossing fingers that we can figure things out and get to a point where we aren’t suffering and back to semi normal! Taking it one day at a time. 🙏🏻

Well, I guess that’s a little bit of everything for now. I’m one to type a lot up but not one to type 3 or 4 pages lol. I hope that everyone stays safe out there. Don’t be naive, selfish or greedy with what is going on during the pandemic. I would like to walk into a store and buy a box of baby wipes (because I have a baby) and not have to stress about it not being on the shelf. Be kind, courteous, caring and share. This too shall pass. We all just have to stick together.

Until next time…


Have you ever wondered if your dreams mean anything? This morning I woke up emotional because my dream was so vivid I thought it was real. This has happened a few times but not always. My dreams range anywhere from fiction, horror, my husband cheating on me to many more. What dream has been the worst for you? That you can remember anyways. Some of mine I can not remember. I also have several that are repetitive. I’m like.. why? lol. It’s annoying mostly. I would love to hear what your dreaming experience is like.

Until next time…

Sadness & Rantings…

To start off… my second anatomy scan for our daughter came back.. not the best of news. We now have to see a specialist about her growth and take it week by week. If she continues to have trouble growing then they will take her early. Machines will be hooked up to her to see if we can get her to grow that way. I am waiting to hear from the specialist still… :/ It has been almost a week since her results. Our minds have been all over the place with the possibilities of what is or what could be. Definitely has been a lot to swallow. Please keep us in your thoughts as we start a longer journey for a healthy baby.

On the other hand… I keep getting into trouble at work over the weirdest things. Unnecessary things. Not only do I complete my tasks but I complete other tasks that are asked of me. So, I am not sure why what I do in my spare time is a bother.. It is making it harder to get up and come to work. That is really sad. I feel like I have to walk on eggshells sometimes. Work is trying to enforce the handbook for my duties. Totally fine.. I get it.. I play by the rules. However, some of the handbook rules don’t apply when you don’t want them too? Nah, if you wanna play by the handbook then ALL the handbook will be followed by me from now on. I am not going to play that game anymore. Have you ever felt like this? It was/is hard for you to wake up and go to work? Walking on eggshells? Can’t move without getting into trouble? If so, how have you handled it? Do you still work there? Did you have a breaking point? I am just not sure how to handle the situation anymore.

Well, those are the things that are stressing me out lately so thought I would get it off my chest.

Until next time..

My best tips on saving money…

I thought I would share some of my best tips on saving money.

  • Have 2 checking accounts and 1 savings account
  • 1 checking for bills/ 1 savings for the savings/ 1 checking for fun
  • Each time you get paid put 50$ into the savings account and $30 dollars into the fun account.
  • Shop at bargain stores. For example: Dollar tree. They have sales on 1$ items. Online catalog will show you deals.
  • Only go out to eat once a month
  • Cut down on groceries and purchase the generic. It really is not that bad. Also if you purchase groceries online that helps as well. You won’t be temped to get something you would see in the store.
  • Cut ties with the cable. With social media raging on, you have Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and other free online video apps that are accessible.
  • Have a goal. What are you trying to achieve with saving money?
  • Save your tax refunds
  • Keep any change you accumulate in a jar. After 3 months, roll it.
  • Stockpile items when they go on sale.
  • Do not use your credit cards.

When faced with this choice, ask yourself a couple questions. Is this something I need or just want? Will this item be of use or will it just sit there? Is there someone else that I need to purchase for instead of something for myself? Example: Does your child need shoes instead?

Saving money can be difficult but with some of the tips I have listed above that have worked for me, I hope that they can help you also. If you are interested in more ways to save money, I would recommend Pinterest, Google or even a money saving person that you can hire. 🙂

Disclaimer: I am not a professional. Just sharing some of the saving tips that work for me.

Good luck! ❤

Our last baby… a girl…

Well, this year is a busy one. Especially the next 3-4 months. Between planning birthdays, baby shower, continuing our tiny home adventure, working, raising a toddler and birthing a new little human in May.. Phew.. You’d say, I have plenty of things going on.

I have mentioned our unborn baby girl a few times, but she has been on my mind lately and I kinda just wanna talk about her. I think my mom and husband are tired of hearing the same things over and over and over again when it comes to my planning. I will just type away this time instead.. 🙂

So, I am excited and nervous.. going from raising a boy to also now having a bouncy baby girl, we are in for it. It’s going to be a fun adventure though I think. Our son (3 years old) is starting to understand just a little, that he is getting a sister. He loves babies anyways but this time he will get to take her home. Makes me wonder if he will become jealous or protective. Maybe both? Who knows.. I am looking forward to the sweet moments between them. He already tries to help in some ways so I know he will be ready to get sister a diaper or a bottle if momma asks. He is going to be a wonderful big brother.

I have been searching the internet for things that we need to purchase for her lately and I am OBSESSED. We don’t really need a whole lot because I still have stuff from our first but now I get to buy girl clothes, bows, cute fluffy shoes.. pink things you know. It’s exciting!! We revealed her name on our social media accounts to our friends and family but I am nervous about that still to be honest. I have had 3 people take our names before… really upset me.. For example, Westyn is sharing a name with his first cousin. (He was born first and she decided to name her son that instead of what she told me- we were pregnant same time) I have a few friends that are pregnant with girls that are due before me so I am really crossing my fingers that our daughters name stays that way. After I posted her name, I went to take it back off but people had already seen it. Like wildfire lol. Oh well, its out there now ya know.

Tomorrow is my glucose test and 2nd anatomy scan to make sure her HC has grown. If not, I am not sure what the next steps are going to be. I am nervous about it. My husband is getting to go this time. That makes me feel a little better. 🙂 She has been kicking a lot more lately too. It has been soft and then BAM- hard ones. Unexpected lol. That is one of my favorite things about pregnancy. ❤ I am almost 26 weeks pregnant. Running into my 3rd trimester! Ahhh. I can not believe how fast it has gone by.

Well, I have rambled enough. I hope that you have a wonderful day, if you are reading this.

Are there any mommas out there that has some advice for me when it comes to raising girls?

Until next time…

All over the place…

Past couple of days have been up and down for me. Starting with yesterday… cleaned our bedroom, did laundry and dishes, played outside with my little and cleaned our cars. The satisfaction that I got from doing that was great! I felt refreshed, clean and ready to relax the rest of the evening. Last night, my husband discussed a couple things about blocked people on facebook and we both expressed how we felt about who was/is blocked. Kind of brought me down.. I then was paranoid and thinking that he was being sneaky. I started to research ” how to stop being obsessed and concerned with what your significant other does.” I guess you could say, I learned a couple of things. It made me feel somewhat better but not a lot. Have you ever just wanted to step back and not worry so much about the smallest things? Anyways, my night ended with our toddler cuddled up and sleeping.

Today, work was busy and productive. Tomorrow is going to even be busier. I decided that in my down time today, I would show gratitude for my husband on sticky notes. I got home and posted them all over the inside of the vehicle so that when he goes to work in the morning it will hopefully touch his heart and set his mood to good for the day. I am grateful for things my husband does for myself and our family. I really don’t tell him enough. Even if we are having ups and downs, there are still things I want him to know about why I am thankful/grateful for him as a husband/person. Do you do anything special for your spouse to show them how grateful you are for them? I would love to hear some ideas.

I have also been thinking about our unborn baby girl. My anatomy scan a few weeks ago didn’t come out with the best of results so in a couple weeks I have another to see if anything has changed with her. My mind has just been all over the place in the last couple of days. I’m great and then BAM, I’m down again. I have definitely enjoyed this diary/journaling/blogging though.

Can you relate to this? If you can, I hope that you have found a way to cope-keep your mind occupied so that you can continue on with your daily activities.


Are something else… I have one 3 year old and sometimes, I just wanna pull my hair out and eat candy in a closet… Today has been eventful with my toddler. His mood changes so fast over the smallest things. A big temper in a little body. Yes, sometimes I can not contain my laughter when his temper bursts out but a lot of the time it just frustrates the crap out me. How do you deal with that?

He woke up early with a good attitude until… he didn’t want to take a nap. It has been down hill from there and still no nap in the future. Now we have passed the “nap” time and have to ride it out until bed. Between the hitting, screaming, crying, throwing things and not wanting to eat, this momma is burnt out.

My son is a thumb sucker and a blanket baby. We have transitioned to the bedroom to watch Shrek. Not only is he jumping on the bed, sitting/bouncing on us.. he is also touching the tv screen, hearing us constantly saying “Stop son,” spitting his drink on the bed and himself but he will not just lay there and watch the movie. It is a great movie. This is pretty much an everyday thing.

Sometimes he can be sweet.. say sorry, give you hugs and kisses but 2 seconds later he is back to being all over the place. When will this end? We are exhausted lol. We cant be the only parents to experience these toddler things. I give SAHM kuddos… I would not be able to handle this type of energy all day everyday.

Toddlers… are just toddlers…

Are there legit ways to bring in extra cash?

Good evening. So, I have been doing some research on ways to bring in extra income for my family. A lot of what I am seeing reminds me of pyramid schemes. Which is something that I am not interested in. Is there really anything out there besides applying for 1-2 more jobs on top of the one you already have that will help reach your goals?

I know that on all of my social media platforms, I have friends who sell things and get people underneath them to earn more income (Pyramid Scheme, I swear). Let me just say, it can be annoying seeing all those posts often on my social media. I mean don’t get me wrong, more power to them if it actually works and it brings in extra income. It is just not something that I want to do.

With that being said, are you doing anything to bring in extra money monthly that is legit? It never hurts to want to provide more for your family and feel secure when it comes to finances. Whatever you do, you work hard for what you have and that takes time and effort! I really hope to learn some cool things through some awesome people (you guys).

Until next time…

The second beginning of our tiny house…

Good morning lovelies. My husband and I started building a tiny home about a year ago. It has taken us just that long to get where we are. Bedroom, wiring, some insulation and collecting the items we will need once it has been completed. We have not worked on it in a few months due to many reasons. We both work full time, we have a toddler who needs our undivided attention, baby on the way and we are doing this on our own and sometimes the weather plays a big part.

We decided that we were going to just sell it and move into an apartment of some sort. Then, we talked to my parents about taking over their home because they would like to start traveling. But now, we have decided to officially start working on it again. Here is why.. the other day, my husband and I walked into the cabin to get something. I stood there looking around and feeling this great sadness on my shoulders.

It was more than a building at this point. It was our HOME! Hit me like a ton of bricks that we have already put a lot of time, effort, tears, blood, frustration and more into it. It was ours. Something that we were building together. I asked my husband how he felt when he walked into our cabin. He felt the same emotion I did. Sadness. That is what changed my mind about all of the other options.

Now, with a little bit of redoing on the cabin layout- we are going to start working on our home together once again. At the end of the day, we are doing this for a reason… we are building a home for our family. I have to refresh my brain on everything that I learned a while back. I do not remember much of it. Pregnancy brain if you will lol.

I know that we can do this! It was not easy when we started and it isn’t going to get any easier. We will preserver and come out on top.

If you know anything about tiny homes or know of someone who has built one by hand as well, I would love to interact with you/pick your brain. I can only watch so many YouTube videos lol. A personal experience conversation would be greatly appreciated.

Have a lovely day!

Fresh Day…

Today was interesting to say the least. To start, I woke up to the sound of my 3 year old crying at 4:30AM… He wanted to put on his jacket and go to work with daddy. Super cute. Then I couldn’t get him to fall back asleep and neither could I. We both got up, I had some coffee and decided to apply war paint to my face before work this morning. I never really put on makeup anymore. I proceed with the rest of my normal morning routine.

Once I made it to work, my boss was impressed with me wearing makeup to work, he thanked me. I was not sure how to take that after a few seconds. My mind was kind of blown. It took a while to process. It made me feel good about myself but also made me feel like I was ugly at the same time lol. Ugh. What can a girl do?

I was feeling better today. I thought back to my goals that I have placed with improving myself. I only thought bad things 1-2 times today, that is actually better than usual. Yay! This evening after returning home form work… my toddler is hyper, whining over every small thing and wanting to steal my food/drinks all night. I pick him up and he gives me kisses and seems to be excited that I am home. It puts a big smile on my face. 🙂

Dinner has been made, son is being entertained with a slinky, husband is playing video games with his buddies and I am just blogging a little bit. Today has been a better day.. I hope tomorrow is even better.

Thank you guys for reading my diary/blog. Im just a mom and wife running through this life with my eyes closed and hoping for the best. ❤

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